Battered, Bruised . . . Dead!

The lizard that peered from its hiding spot in our ceiling last month, came face to face with my brother. The lizard was a huge Cochran’s croaking gecko, and my brother’s face was the last thing that it saw. For in less than a minute, my brother was armed with the house broom, and in a few quick moves, the croaking lizard fell to the ground –  battered, bruised, and dead. The lizard did not even know what hit it.dead Cochran’s croaking geckoWhen I saw the dead lizard, I was reminded of the verse in Genesis 3:15 which mentioned that the seed of the woman (Christ) would bruise the head of the seed of the serpent.dead Cochran’s croaking gecko

Yuk . . . it was dead, and my brother asked me to kindly throw it away for him. I remember as a child we buried one lizard in a match box, but this dead one I will dump in the garbage.dead Cochran’s croaking geckoThe tail of the lizard was also bruised. dead Cochran’s croaking geckoThe Cochran’s croaking gecko (Aristelliger praesignis) is also known as the Jamaican croaking lizard and it resembles the Navassa gecko which is endemic to the Navassa Island.  dead Cochran’s croaking geckoThe description of the Cochran’s croaking gecko states that the colour of its body is usually beige brown with light, chestnut red spots and markings on its side.  dead Cochran’s croaking geckoIt has relatively short and massive legs.dead Cochran’s croaking geckoAn close up shot of its head shows the texture of its skin, I didn’t touch it to determine what it felt like.dead Cochran’s croaking gecko

It does have a nice looking coat though. Anyway, we’re glad that it is dead . . . one less lizard from the hundreds more lurking around.dead Cochran’s croaking gecko


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