Jamaican Long Mangoes

We got some mangoes today, this kind is called Long mango or Longy mango in Jamaica. These mangoes would not be the first choice for many persons, and maybe they are the least popular of all mangoes, because of their appearance.

Regardless of how they look, we like eating Long mangoes in our home. Over the years, we have developed the taste for Long mangoes and will always buy this kind of mango because as children, our father always carried them home for us from St. Mary, whenever they were season.Jamaican Long Mangoes (Longy)Long mangoes are always speckled, and most have a blotched appearance; as a matter of fact, I have never seen a Long mango without spots.

Please note however, that these spots are not the result of the Blight disease that affect mangoes, neither are they an indication of rot, or worms; this is just how these mangoes are. Jamaican Long Mangoes (Longy)You can bite into a Longy mango or use a knife to peel it; and although the skin is thin and slightly bitter, the mango is sweet and the flesh is without hairs or strings. Jamaican Long Mangoes (Longy)As with all mangoes, Longy mangoes are juicy and delicious, and one mango will never be enough. So when you’re out buying Long mangoes, buy a dozen and more . . . you’ll always love eating them.


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