The Last Morning In February

It’s the last day of February, and I must say that the first two months of 2017 have flown by just like that. I had promised myself to visit our hillside, and this morning I did just that.

The sunshine was nice and warm and our Moringa oleifera trees were putting out their white blossoms. Moringa oleifera tree Moringa oleifera tree Strangely, there were hardly any bees around; and I did not see any wasps or butterflies either.

I observed that an aloe vera plant growing along the wall, has begun to blossom; this is its first time. Aloe vera plants usually bloom once annually, and I’m hoping the other aloes beside it will also begin blooming.aloesThis is a close up of the new flower. aloe veraI read here that the blossoms of the aloe vera produce antioxidant nectar which actually contains an anti-aging active substance.

Also blooming at this time of year were our lilies, here are a couple shots of their pink-orange blossoms.lily The final pictures I took on our hill, were of our pumpkins; and there were two of them.

The first photo shows a pumpkin hanging on the vine from a rock. I believe it won’t fall off since the pumpkin vine is strong and can hold fruits weighing up to 25 lbs each. Pumpkin fruits should be supported once they become heavier. The pumpkin up close. pumpkinThen growing among our banana trees is the second pumpkin. It too hangs off a rock, but at least the ground is just a few inches beneath it.See the close up shot of pumpkin #2.So far we reaped approximaely six pumpkins already, but these two are the largest from this crop so far.

The weather forecast predicts a few showers of rain this afternoon, and I’m not only looking forward to getting them, I’m also awaiting the beginning of a marvellous March tomorrow.



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