Pale Pink Cathedral Bells

Today’s photos are of the pale pink flowers of the Leaf of Life Plant growing around our home. Earlier this year, we sighted one our plants in bloom among the rocks around the back of our home and took a couple photos. The Leaf of Life plant (Bryophyllum calycinum) is also called miracle leaf, air plant, mexican loveplant, mother of thousands, and cathedral bells. The plant is grown for its medicinal properties and is known to be an effective treatment for headaches, wounds, coughs, kidney stones, and asthma.The Leaf of Life plant blooms in the late spring and its pale pink flowers are attractive, bell-shaped, pendulous, and held in large stalked panicles. The Leaf of Life plant produces flowers having both male and female reproductive structures; and I read that it has membranous follicles covered by persistent flower parts, with numerous seeds. I have never seen these seeds.However, the bisexual flowers of the Leaf of Life plant are sterile, and new plants will not grow from its seeds.  New plantlets grow from leaf cuttings, stem cuttings, as well as grow very easily from edges of fallen leaves.

Regardless, it always make me smile when I see the Leaf of Life plant (Cathedral Bells) in bloom, and its flower stalk with light pink flowers swaying in the wind . . . it is one of life’s moment of pleasure.


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