Five Ways We Eat Jamaican Julie Mangoes

One summer fruit seen in abundance now is the mango; and at almost every corner we see vendors selling mangoes, along with Otaheite apples, and avocado pears.

Recently we got a few Saint Julian (Julie) mangoes, they are a favourite for many persons. I like them because these mangoes are tasty, and I have never eaten a Julie mango that had worms in it.There are five different ways of eating Jamaican Julie mangoes in our home, and the most popular way is to simply use your teeth.

We just use our teeth to tear the skin off the mango, then we bite into its sweet, soft, juicy flesh.
It’s an absolutely natural way of eating mangoes, and we even lick the juice rolling down the sides of our hands; we don’t waste a single drop of this sweet goodness. Afterward, we suck the seed until there is nothing left on it. It’s just so yummy!

I understand that the Julie mango is high in sugar, it also contains calcium, Vitamin A, and dietary fiber; each mango contains approx. 130 calories.

Julie mangoes can be eaten at any meal, as a snack, and even for dessert.

Another way of eating Julie mangoes in our home, is to cut off the two sides (cheeks) from the mango, and then to use a spoon to scoop out the flesh.We also use the knife to peel the skin from the sides of the mango. We then eat the remaining flesh on the seed, either by cutting off the flesh with a knife, or by using our teeth.

This method of eating the Julie mango is suitable when you don’t really want mango juice running all over your hands and clothes.

A third way of eating the Julie mango is to cut off the top and to hold the mango as you would an orange. Then use a spoon to scoop out all the flesh from the top and bottom sections of the mango.  To do this:
(a) Use a knife to cut all around the top of the mango (like cutting the head off an orange).
(b) Gently twist off the top of the mango.
(c) Use a spoon to scoop out and eat the flesh from the top section of the mango.
(d) Hold the bottom section of the mango in your hand, and use the spoon to scoop out and eat all the flesh around the seed.

I like eating the Julie mango in this fashion, there are zero drippings, and it seems fancy too.

The fourth way of eating Julie mangoes is to peel it and cut it into cubes, chunks, or slices; we usually use the firmer Julie mangoes for this method.To do this, use your knife to:
(a) Cut the mango all the way around, from top to bottom, twice. The second cutting will form an “X” on the mango.
(b) Gently peel away the skin (in a similar way as you would a ripe banana).
(c) Cut cubes or slices from the flesh of the mango

Once you have the required amount of mango cubes/slices, you may eat them as is, use them in your cooking, or in a fruit salad etc.

The fifth and final way of eating Jamaican Julie mangoes is to suck it as you would kisko freezies.

Although this method applies to the very, very soft Julie mangoes that looks too mushy to peel or to eat with your teeth; you can eat any Julie mango in this manner.

To do this: simply bite into the top of the mango, put it to your lips, and suck out the flesh and juice. Keep squeezing the sides of the mango to express more mango flesh and juice, until finished.

I guarantee you that eating your mango this way is just as nice . . . unless there are worms in it.

Do you know another way of eating Julie mangoes?


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