Third Set Of Longan Blossoms

This is the third time that our Longan tree (Pometia pinnata) has flowered, and almost every branch has on promising blossoms. When the tree first blossomed last year, all its young fruits fell off; but that was expected. It bloomed again earlier this year, and in June, our family shared and ate the sole longan fruit that matured.

Now our tree is blossoming again – not one branch as before, but almost every single branch; and for us, this is a joyful sight. From the topmost branches to the lower branches, we envision the blossoms producing many lovely fruits. I read here that” Longan trees bear erratically (i.e., not every year) and in some years little to no fruit is produced. Yields from individual mature trees may range from 50 to over 500 lbs (23–227 kg). The time from flowering to harvest is 140 to 190 days”.In 2014, we planted our Longan tree, when one of the seeds of the longan fruits we got from a friend, germinated. It now stands at approx. 18 ft (5.4m) in height.


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