Photos: Harvesting Ripen June Plums In July

It was in July last year, that our dwarf June plum tree (Spondias cytherea) began blossoming; and it has been doing so ever since. Eight months later – in March 2017, we began picking the slightly mature fruits and eating them; but they were not ripe.

Our dwarf June plum tree in March 2017

Today’s photo are of ripened plums on our dwarf June plum tree. I understand that the June plum is also called Ambarella, and that it takes approx. 19 – 23 weeks for the harvesting of June plums, after fruit-set. When ripen, the skin of the June plum becomes golden yellow or brownish in colour. The green as well as ripe fruits of the June plum tree are used in a variety of ways, and are a good source of vitamin C and iron. Unripe June plums contain about 10% pectin. We always enjoy ripen June plums; and we’re happy to be eating those that come from our own tree.


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