Photos: Pink Amaryllis

Today’s photos are of the pink flowers of the amaryllis plant which bloomed on our balcony some years ago. This is the first flower that began opening. Fully opened and beautiful! Flower #1 and flower #2. A long shot of our amaryllis plants. View from above the blooms and flower buds. View from beneath.

Climbing The Sogo Yukidian Stairway

Today’s photos are of the white Phalaenopsis Sogo Yukidian orchid flowers. The shots show the Phalaenopsis’ raceme with the peduncle (flower stem) and the stalk (pedicel) of each individual orchid flower that branches from the peduncle. The  raceme reminds me of a stairway, so I’ve entitled this collection of five photos  -“Climbing the Sogo Yukidan… Read More Climbing The Sogo Yukidian Stairway