You Can Still Bloom Again

Late December 2017, we observed a horrible incident occurring in our garden . . . most of our lily plants were being ravagely eaten by caterpillars, and this was a first for us. Hundreds of caterpillars stripped these plants to thin membrane of their leaves, and then to nothing at all. It was scary, and … Continue reading You Can Still Bloom Again


But You See Me Dying Trial

Positioned quietly on our hillside was a silver-grey and white male cat; he was watching our movements inside the house and appeared quite intrigued. I had to take a picture of him. I've seen this cat in all our neighbours' yards; and it would be really hard to believe that he has an owner. Anyway, … Continue reading But You See Me Dying Trial

A 63-Year Old Souvenir

Today's photos are of a souvenir my mother won as a prize in 1953; she was age seven then. This souvenir is a drinking glass with the picture of Queen Elizabeth II printed upon it; and 1953 was the year of her coronation.According to my mother . . . at the end of each academic … Continue reading A 63-Year Old Souvenir

Happy Mother’s Day 2016

Today we pause to recognize our mothers and to say once more - "I love you". One token of my love that I gave my mum today, was a simple, colourful bouquet made with a few flowers from our garden. It was a wonderful blend of colours that seemed to beam "Have A Great Day!"The … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day 2016

The Jamaican Anansi Spider

I found a spider today, and because of it's large, "whitish",  enlarged abdomen, they said it could be the Anansi spider; but it is not. I do not know what specie of Jamaican spider this is, but it is not the Anansi spider because Anansi is an African folktale character; he is not a real … Continue reading The Jamaican Anansi Spider

Rain Before Seven

We woke up this morning to a light, but moderate shower of rain. It brought back memories of travelling about under umbrellas, of walking gingerly among small pools of water on the street, and of children's playful laughter, which brightened the cloudy, overcast day. My grandfather had a saying about rainy days like these, he … Continue reading Rain Before Seven