Photos In June (2 of 6)

Second photo: A photo of a bunch of coconuts we got for family members visiting from abroad. They thoroughly enjoyed drinking their coconut water, especially since we are now experiencing brief drought weather conditions in Jamaica.


Today’s Photo: Naseberries At Window

For some strange reason, today's photo of a few fit naseberries on our window sill, reminds me of the time when I set aside some of this very same fruit for my sister Karen.The year was 1991, and it had been quite awhile since she ate the fruit. After I showed the naseberries to Karen, … Continue reading Today’s Photo: Naseberries At Window

Five Ways We Eat Jamaican Julie Mangoes

One summer fruit seen in abundance now is the mango; and at almost every corner we see vendors selling mangoes, along with Otaheite apples, and avocado pears. Recently we got a few Saint Julian (Julie) mangoes, they are a favourite for many persons. I like them because these mangoes are tasty, and I have never … Continue reading Five Ways We Eat Jamaican Julie Mangoes

Jamaican Long Mangoes

We got some mangoes today, this kind is called Long mango or Longy mango in Jamaica. These mangoes would not be the first choice for many persons, and maybe they are the least popular of all mangoes, because of their appearance. Regardless of how they look, we like eating Long mangoes in our home. Over … Continue reading Jamaican Long Mangoes

Summer Fruits – The Sweetsop

Another summer fruit we enjoyed this week was the sweetsop. The sweetsop (Annona squamosa), which is popularly known as Sugar Apple, is also called ata or anon; and because it belongs to the custard apple family (Annonaceae), some persons call it Custard Apple.The sweetsop fruit is spherical through conical . . . nearly round, or … Continue reading Summer Fruits – The Sweetsop