We’ve had so many Susumber plants (Solanum torvum) growing in our yard over the years; and over the years we’ve rooted them out, chopped them down and destroyed each plant.Susumber plantWe’ve never prepared the susumber berries in any of our meals in our home … all because we have never developed the taste for it.  As a matter of fact, I’ve never tasted it.

Recently I got a photo of a Jamaican grassquit bird in the Susumber tree growing in our neighbour’s home next door.Susumber plantSusumber berries are also called Gully beans in Jamaica. I’ve heard that if the berries are not picked at the right time, they can be very bitter to the taste.

Some persons cook meals such as susumber and cod fish.  Susumber berries are also used in soups.Susumber berriesI understand that the leaves of the Susumber plant can be used for making tea for colds; and the susumber berries, which they say are full of iron, are good for increasing your iron levels.