Tropical Silverspot Butterfly On Yellow Chrysanthemums

Today's photos show a tropical silverspot gulf fritillary butterfly (Agraulis vanillae) visiting our yellow chrysanthemum blooms. This butterfly, which is also known as the Silver Spotted FlambeauIt, is the first butterfly seen visiting our chrysanthemums and I was glad to get a few photos of it. Front View: The upperside of the butterfly is bright orange … Continue reading Tropical Silverspot Butterfly On Yellow Chrysanthemums


The Tropical Silverspot Gulf Fritillary

The Tropical Silverspot Gulf Fritillary is one of the many species of butterflies living in Jamaica.  Today, finally! one of them paused long enough for me to get a snap shot of it. This is it feeding on a Spanish needle flower.  The sun is beaming down on it wings transforming it into a paler … Continue reading The Tropical Silverspot Gulf Fritillary