Today’s Photo: Fan-shaped Wild Mushroom

Today's photos show fan-shaped wild mushrooms growing on the the broken limbs of the Moringa oleifera (Miracle Tree). Since the frequent rainfall, we have been seeing different kinds of wild mushroom sprouting up around our yard. 


Outdoor Bath Time With Dad

One of the many memories of my father are the times when he bathed us as children when we were less than nine years of age. My brother bathes his children too, and recently he did so in the washtub outside . . . they loved it!I read [@ ] that it is important for … Continue reading Outdoor Bath Time With Dad

The Pure White Asiatic Dayflower

The pure white Asiatic Dayflower (Commelina communis) is commonly known as "water grass" in Jamaica. It is a variation of the Blue Dayflower which is called tsuyu kusa (ツユクサ, 露草) in Japan, which means Dewdrop weed. The Asiatic Dayflower is also called Monsoon flower in Japan as it usually emerges after the rainy season. And … Continue reading The Pure White Asiatic Dayflower

The Fig Tree Borer – Neoptychodes trilineatus

We discovered a new insect on our balcony and learned that it is the male Fig tree borer - Neoptychodes trilineatus (Linnaeus, 1771). The Fig tree borer (Neoptychodes trilineatus) is a species of flat-faced longhorn beetles, in the family Cerambycidae, and subfamily Lamiinae; it has three white longitudinal bands (hence its Latin name - trilineatus). The … Continue reading The Fig Tree Borer – Neoptychodes trilineatus

Today’s Photos: Wild Mushrooms In Grass

We have officially come to an end of serious drought conditions here in Jamaica . . . at least in the parish of St. Andrew. For the past two weeks we have been getting lots of rains - wonderful heavy showers, and we are so thankful. Today's photos show a cluster of wild mushrooms among … Continue reading Today’s Photos: Wild Mushrooms In Grass

The Stalked Lattice Stinkhorn

Last week, while doing some gardening, I discovered a few "eggs" of the stinkhorn fungus lying among the roots of our ginger plants. These egg-like whitish balls produce the stalked lattice stinkhorn fungus (Lysurus periphragmoides) which is also called the chambered stinkhorn. I read that like most stinkhorns, the Lysurus periphragmoide is considered edible when it is in its … Continue reading The Stalked Lattice Stinkhorn