Waking at 2:00am

It’s been only a couple of nights now that I’m awaken at 2:00am and cannot get back to sleep.  It’s not the first time this has happened, some time ago I was awaking at 3:00am.

There’s a full moon out this morning.

full moonI did a quick search about this and found two answers that are noteworthy.  They state:

(Answer A)
This person wrote …  This experience inspired me to do a google search to find out the significance of waking at 3am. Indeed, this is known as ‘the devil’s hour’, a time when demons are strongest and mock what Christ has done on the cross for us. 12am-3am is witch’s hour.

If you are not a Christian, getting up at 3am also means that you are sensitive to the spiritual realm. Usually it is due to involvement with spiritual stuff like Ouija boards, yoga, martial arts, goth culture, rock music-this is related to a spirit called Goat of Mendes, psychic reading, witchcraft..etc. Even if you were not involved in these things, if any of your ancestors were, their sensitivity can be passed to you.

How do you stop it? Kindly follow these suggestions:
– You can say the ‘Sinner’s prayer’, which is to accept Christ as your Saviour
– Ask for forgiveness for involvement in the spiritual stuff on behalf of yourself or your forefathers
– Pray the prayer below if you ever get trouble from spirits.
“Lord, please cover me with the blood of Jesus, wash me over”, to ask for an army of warrior angels “Lord, send your angels to fill this place to ward off the attack”.
I know some of you may think that this is nonsense, but for the benefit of those of you who get up at 3am and get frustrated/annoyed/scared, give the above a go. All the best!

(Answer B)
This second person wrote … There is an actual physiological, medical reason for waking up at this hour each night … this is the time when cortisol levels spike due to blood sugar dropping, and it is very common, especially in diabetics, or athletes, times of heavy stress, long hour jobs, or just people eating poorly throughout the day (going more than 5-6 hours without eating or too many refined foods). Their cortisol levels may be fine all day long until the night, when it spikes instead of drops. Something is tripping the sleep-wake cycle that needs to be corrected.

The most common reason for this is due to a spike in cortisol, (think of it almost like adrenalin, but not as powerful), due to a drop in blood sugar. Your body increases cortisol levels when your blood sugar drops too low so it can pull glucose (sugar) from glycogen (stored sugar) from your liver. That surge in cortisol will wake you up. And you may wake up hungry, or not. And, if you’re like me, sometimes it will result in panic attacks with terrifying events.

If so, try eating some turkey before bed and keep a small glass of juice by the bed (or piece of candy under your pillow) and when you wake up – indulge to see if that helps. If you find that doing so does help, try adjusting your lifestyle or talk with your doctor if you are having other symptoms like heart arrhythmia, headaches, increased thirst, more frequent urination etc. during your waking time. Hope this helps, it was a life saver to me as I was terrified of all of the supernatural mumbo-jumbo!


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