A Breadfruit Monday

The major activity for me this morning was that of roasting breadfruit.  There were only four of them.

We roast our breadfruits on the small hill at the back of our house.  The roasting area is on our side of the wall that divides our property from the neighbour’s.

Roasting Area (covered with zinc)
Roasting Area (uncovered)

These are the breadfruits:
We use kerosene oil to get our fire going.

Once the fire has started we remove the stems from the breadfruits and also use the knife to cut an “X” at the top of each.

The marking of the “X” is to allow the build-up steam to leave freely from the breadfruits when they are being roasted.  Then we put the breadfruits on the grill.Breadfruits usually take an hour to roast. We usually have to keep adding sticks, leaves, wood etc. to keep the fire going.

Turn the breadfruits as soon as the outer skin in hardened.  If you are able to press into the roasted side of a breadfruit with your finger (or stick) , then it’s not fully roasted.
I love the smell of freshly roasted breadfruitsRoasted breadfruits are easy to handle.  After dipping them in water you should be able to hold them without being burned..

Some people peel their roasted breadfruits like they do an orange, but sometimes, I cut mine first in half, and then in quarters, and then I remove the middle/heart or inedible core...Afterward I scoop the breadfruit from its hardened roasted skin..

.The roasted breadfruit shown was partially ripe so it is slightly sweet to the taste.  Some persons prefer to eat their breadfruits this way..

Although the roasted breadfruit can be eaten right after it has been peeled, most persons prefer to fry it first.Roasted Breadfruit that has been fried and salted is quite tasty and filling.  To me, it’s nature’s bread.

For my brunch today, I had fried roasted-breadfruit with Jack Mackerel and slices of tomato . . . yummy!


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