Do’s, Don’ts and Tips for wives

Today we explore a few of the Do’s, Don’ts and Tips given by some husbands for their wives. I found these in my local Jamaican newspaper – the Jamaica Observer.

man silhouette1. Do maintain your appearance and keep physically attractive.
2. Do be discrete, especially when farting and burping.
3. Do be his mistress in bed, always try new tricks in the bedroom.
4. Do respect yourself.

1. Don’t use sex as a weapon.

2. Don’t play Nancy Drew with him.  Give him his privacy; breaking into his Myspace or Facebook account is unacceptable.

3. Don’t give him the silent treatment.  Think of more suitable ways to express resentment.

4. Don’t pluck or shave in front of him. Usage of the toilet in his plain view will disgust him as well as discussions about menstruation etc..

5. Don’t be too spiritual with him by judging him and quoting scripture each time he messes up.  Do not force religion down his throat, he has a mind of his own and in his own time will accept or choose his form of religion.

Tips from Husbands:
1. Don’t try to get rid of our friends, or talk badly about them.

2. We will never ask for directions or read the directions on assembling or operating any item.  Just accept it, vent to your friends about this and let us be.  We know what we are doing.

3. We can’t have too much sex.
4. Natural is nice.  You don’t always have to put on a ton of make-up.
5. Don’t bug us about other women.

6. We like it when you take care of us.
7. We may tell you a lie from time to time to let you hear what you want to hear.
8. We really don’t want “to talk”.

9. Most of us aren’t good at expressing ourselves.  So work along with us and be patient.

10. Let us have our breathing space.

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