Brown Garden Frogs

suffocated frogWho would have known that frogs would live right beside our garden pipe. I’ve done gardening in that area many times before and never encountered them until today.

Frogs and toads are not my favourite creatures.

The first frog I saw was found suffocated and buried under layers of dirt. The sight of it frightened me. It was tiny and almost colourless – it was silverish.

I understand that garden frogs are harmless. Their diet consists of  fleas, bugs, worms, slugs, caterpillars, crickets, snails etc.

They don’t always live in water and may hide under rocks, branches, and bury themselves in dirt to keep cool during hot temperatures.

Then passing by my toes was frog #2.
brown garden frogDespite the obvious markings on its back, I could not identify what specie frog or toad it is. It could be a brown striped frog.

I wasn’t really afraid of it, but I was glad none the less when it hopped away into its hiding spot.


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