But You See Me Dying Trial

Positioned quietly on our hillside was a silver-grey and white male cat; he was watching our movements inside the house and appeared quite intrigued. I had to take a picture of him. catI’ve seen this cat in all our neighbours’ yards; and it would be really hard to believe that he has an owner. Anyway, I don’t mind him being around our home since he keeps the rats away.

However, one evening we caught this same cat way inside our room, rummaging through our stuff and personal belongings. He escaped. And recently we caught him again, napping in the passage way, as if it was his favourite slumber spot:

“But yu see mi dying trial!” . . . those were the words that escaped my lips. catThe Jamaican phrase -“You see my dying trial“, implies that someone is taking liberty with you. It means your rights have been violated by another, or someone has overstepped their bounds when dealing with you.

The cat awoke after hearing my voice, but how him so bright [presumptuous].catFiguring out that he was discovered, the cat made a quick retreat and dashed into the hill. So far he has made sure not to be caught by me again.


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